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Nuntio Content is a multi-lingual content publishing module that can be used as a replacement for the current Text/HTML module. It's very easy to use and extends content publishing by many useful features. Nuntio Content is the sucessor of MagicContent.


New and improved features:
  • Tabbed Editmode - shows one richtext editor tab for each supported portal locale - state of the Art jQuery UI interface
  • One-Click Publishing of content - thanks to moving all advanced options to their special tabs publishing common content in the portal locale is now a quick and easy process and can be worked with just as with the standard Html module
  • Support for multilingual module titles - without the need to go on the module settings page the module titel can be customized for any supported locale, the module title can now be edited from within each locale tab

  • Published flag for each locale
  • History by locale / role
  • Fallback locale per module instance

  • Support for disabled portal locales
  • Module hides itself completely if no fallback is being found

  • Role based content - allows for publishing based on the role of the current user. Content can be sorted by priority. Learn more
  • Extended replacement token support - Support for Portaltitle, Portal Description, Portal E-Mail, this feature has been built in long before the core supported replacement tokens. dot.Publish will, sooner or later, support the core replacement engine as well. The nice thing about the built in system is that you may as well use a few personalized tokens based on the time of day (things like good morning or so) See a full list of supported tokens

Technical stuff:
  • Links to image files in the portal directory are being stored with their fileid - this allows for moving files with the filemanager without resulting in broken links. dot.Content is parsing the content for links to files and images; if there is a link to an image file found, then the link is being replaced by a special FileIDxxx token in the database. This token is again being parsed on content rendering to render the actual image.
  • if no content for the locale of a visitor is found, the corresponding content of other locales is rendered instead

Currently the following Interfaces are supported:
  • iPortabel - Export and import functionality
  • iSearchable - Portal search integration
  • iUpgradeable - Upgrade interface

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