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Role based content is a unique feature in NuntioContent that allows you to have dedicated content for each given role in a portal.

There is no special configuration necessary to get this going. Per default NuntioContent works exactly the same way that the Text/HTML module works. You enter your content, hit the update button and your content is readily available. If you want to have a dedicated content for let's say logged on users you would need to follow these steps:
  1. enter content in the editor
  2. click on "update" rather than "update & exit"
  3. switch to the advanced tab
  4. select "registered users"
  5. enter text
  6. click on "update & exit"

It is important to note, that the role content on top of the list in the advanced tab is considered to be the most important content. The module will try to deliver content from top down the list. As soons as it finds content that can be delivered based on the given roles and language of a user account, it will output that content.

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sahukuldeep Oct 9, 2015 at 7:53 AM 
I have used this module but its not working for unregistered users in both languages like turkey , its only working for english while after loged-in its works file for for both laguages. how can i solve this problem
please help me.